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Your Product Is looked so sexy I couldn't stop looking at it!


I own a 1999 Chevy Camaro, as you know the design of the headlights. I tried lot's of things... Read More


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Matt J. - Duncan, Oklahoma

Simply Amazing... Crystal View Is Truly The Best Product Ever!


I would Just Like to say THANK YOU!!!! My wife's 2000 Dodge Intrepid has Brand New....Read More


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Paul & Peggy Smyth - Orange City, FL

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Business Opportunity

One of the comments we often hear from our customers is “WOW”. Our Headlight Restoration product is so effective and easy to use that “WOW” seems to be the best way to express what they are feeling.

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Once you use our product and see how easy it is and how well it works, you begin to notice how many cars have cloudy, yellow, or foggy headlights. Some of our customers who were looking for a legitimate home business have taken their “WOW” experience and put it together with the amount of cars who need headlight restoration and started their own headlight restoration businesses.

To help those of you who think you would like to start your own headlight restoration business, we now offer our Headlight Restorer in a cost saving Service Kit ten-pack which you can purchase in the online store here on our website. 10 pack service box

By purchasing our headlight restorer in this bulk pack, you can get your cost per vehicle to well below $20. What you charge your customers is up to you, and you have the experience of the time and effort it took to restore your own headlights on which to base your decision. A realistic fee would be $50-$75 depending upon the socio-economic demographic of the area. Since we sell our kits for $15.95 in the 10-pack, that’s a profit, of $34.05 – $59.05 for 30-minutes of labor, or $68.10-$118.10 per hour. Even after factoring the cost of materials, that would account for an income of $204.30 – $354.30 per day with only 3-hours of work.

You have seen first hand how easy the product is to use and that there are no special tools required. All you really need is one of our kits, some shade, a water bottle mister and a dry towel or cloth*. Maybe your teenager is looking for a way to make some extra money and you could use this opportunity to teach them about starting their own business. Finding potential clients is as easy as walking through the parking lots in your area and looking for vehicles with yellow, cloudy, foggy, headlights that need to be restored. Leave a flyer or brochure telling people they have a problem with their headlights that is probably making it very difficult for them to see while driving at night, and then tell them that you have a very affordable way to solve their problem.

Your satisfied customers will become a great source of word-of-mouth advertising for your business, as they will soon begin to see how many of their friend’s vehicles have the same problem and they will send them to you. Starting your own headlight restoration business is an excellent low cost business opportunity with a very low start-up cost. Order one of our 10 pack kits today and you are on your way. Get started by investing in a couple of your friends cars so they can begin to spread the word. Print up some flyers and start getting the word out so that you can help your new customers have their own “WOW” experience.

You can click here to go to the shopping cart and order your ten-pack today!

If you haven’t actually used our headlight restoration product for yourself yet, but you are interested in starting a legitimate home business or have been looking for a low cost business opportunity, then…



Watch the video below to see how simple, quick and effective our Headlight Restoration Kit really is!



Our Headlight Restoration directions have changed slightly since the taping of this video.

“Instead of using CV-#1 during sanding, customers should use only water with the sandpaper. CV-#1 is only used for the polishing stage, just before applying the CV-#2 sealer. Everything else remains the same. If your directions say to use the CV-#1 with the sandpaper, just use water instead.”




*Every City, County, and State have different requirements for starting a business. You can find out what licenses you may or may not require by calling your local licensing office or doing a little Internet research.