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Headlight Restoration Feedback

As the webmaster for Crystal View Chemicals I spend a lot of time checking around the Internet to see how our headlight restoration kit is doing. Our product is much more than a headlight cleaner and works so well that people are always writing positive reviews about our product. We not only sell our product on the Internet, but also at Walmart, Kmart and Advance Auto Parts. While I was checking out the Advance Auto Parts Website I found eleven reviews about our Crystal View Headlight Restorer. All eleven reviews were extremely positive and in each case the bottom line was that they would recommend our product to their friends. To document this, I took the time to take screen shots of the reviews so you can see for yourself just how well our product works.

There you have it. Eleven for eleven! Great reviews on a website that is in no way connected with us other than they sell our product. If you have cloudy, yellowed, foggy headlights, pick up one of our headlight restoration kits today and get your headlights restored to like new condition! You will be so glad that you did that I will probably be reading your review of how well our product worked on your headlights very soon! Click here to purchase online now!

4 Responses to Headlight Restoration Feedback

  • Wes Noland says:

    I have been in the car dealership business for nearly 17 years. In the past, I would use petroleum distillate based cleaners/polishers to temporarily clean and rejuvinate headlights/tailghts. I learned from an old body-shop tech though that the secret to complete restoration had to include a “wet-sand” process in order to work properly. This kit does exactly that and does it perfectly. One of the best examples of headlight problems and or restoration projects are the quad-headlight assemblies on the E-Class Mercedes. I have an original set in my 1996 E320 that were badly oxidized and yellowed. After spending about an hour and a 1/2 on my headlights with your kit, the lights now look completely brand new and the Mercedes service writers at the local dealership actually thought I had bought and installed new headlights. They couldn’t believe that the lights had been restored with the Crystal View Kit. Not only does the plastic look nearly flawless but the blue “hue” has actually been restored, giving the headlights the proper clear look when original. Thanks again for making a great product that does everything it says. I will tell everyone I know to buy and use this product.

    Wes Noland
    Tampa, Fl
    1996 Mercedes E320

  • Chris says:

    Just used this product on my 98 Taurus as my lights were badly yellowed and oxidized and thus would no longer pass an inspection. This took about an hour as I went a bit OCD sanding.. However it now looks like I bought brand new lenses and put them on. I have previously a few other more expensive kits on this vehicle attempting to avoid giving Ford money for new lenses and never go a good result that made any kind of difference that was noticable. I was resigned to giving FMC 300 for new lenses before a coworker told me to find a place that sells this stuff and give it a shot.. Best 20 ever spent literally

  • Alan Curry says:

    This is the first product for this purpose I used. I purchased it at Walmart. My headlights were original on a 13 year old car and were so yellow I could hardly see at night. The next time I needed to restore headlights I purchased a different product (which had pretty good reviews) due to not being available at my local Walmart. The other product still left my headlights yellow and dingy. I happened to find an extra package of CV and re-finished the headlights with it. The headlights turned out to be sparkling clear (just like the first time I used it). THIS STUFF IS AMAZING!!!!

  • o'colmai says:

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