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Your Product Is looked so sexy I couldn't stop looking at it!


I own a 1999 Chevy Camaro, as you know the design of the headlights. I tried lot's of things... Read More


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Matt J. - Duncan, Oklahoma

Simply Amazing... Crystal View Is Truly The Best Product Ever!


I would Just Like to say THANK YOU!!!! My wife's 2000 Dodge Intrepid has Brand New....Read More


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Paul & Peggy Smyth - Orange City, FL

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Headlight Restoration Testimonials – Part 13

Here are more testimonials about our Headlight Restoration Kit. Read them and then order your own Headlight Restoration Kit today. It is so much more than a headlight cleaner!

I just finished using your product on a 2000 Dodge Intrepid. It worked real well – we live in a very dusty enviroment (SW Kansas) where windshields, headlights and paint get sand blasted on a daily basis. Our headlights at night got so dim we could hardly see the road on high beam. Its much better now. I would be willing to give you a testamonial. I have before and after pictures. I just don’t know how to get them to you? Please contact me if you would like to see how well your product worked for me. Thanks

Jeff P
Hugoton, KS

Just wanted to say AWESOME product. Saw it at walmart, figured if it didnt work i would just return it! Boy did it work! My RV headlights were in bad shape and I could barely see at night. Now they look new and work great. For $20 what a product! Thanks guys! Always great when something works as the package says it will!

John F
Melville, NY

I just had to write you and tell you how great your product is. My father-in-law had driven my van and told me I needed to replace my headlights. After using your product I showed my father-in-law the headlights on the van, his first reaction was, Oh you got new headlights, and then I told him that I had found your product. He was amazed, as was I,at how well it work to restore my headlights. I had actually been thinking of buying replacement headlights for my van, as I drive the Maryland,D.C. and Verginia area for my work. I can’t even thank you enough for your great product. I am more than willing to let you use my indorsment in any of your advertising.

Kent A
Bowie, MD

This product is absolutely AMAZING!! I am 41 years old and have NEVER seen ANY product work as advertised or even close for that matter. I wish I had taken before and after photos because even I can’t believe how well it worked my lenses are like brand new. It did take a bit longer then the package states but it was WELL worth the time spent. and I WILL recommend this product to anyone and everyone looking to restore their composite lenses without spending a fortune doing the job. Thanks for saving me big $$$$$.

Todd J
Oklahoma City, OK

Just to say how 100% satisfied I was with your product crystal view. I will recommend it to friends. Thank you, another satisfied customer.

Kevin B
Ashford, CT

I spent the cost of your product on several other “miracle” restorers off ebay (4 different types) before ordering your kit. BANG….30 minutes later, my headlights look factory new. This stuff works just like you say it does and more. Excellent product well worth the money. THANK YOU!

Kent E
Winston Salem, NC

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