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Your Product Is looked so sexy I couldn't stop looking at it!


I own a 1999 Chevy Camaro, as you know the design of the headlights. I tried lot's of things... Read More


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Matt J. - Duncan, Oklahoma

Simply Amazing... Crystal View Is Truly The Best Product Ever!


I would Just Like to say THANK YOU!!!! My wife's 2000 Dodge Intrepid has Brand New....Read More


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Paul & Peggy Smyth - Orange City, FL

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Headlight Restoration Testimonials – Part 7

Our customers keep telling us how happy they are with our headlight restoration product. Read on to see how our product can restore your headlights.

I just wanted to say “Thank You.” The difference your product has made on my headlights is nothing short of “Miraculous!” I never would have beleived it work as well as it did had I not seen it with my own eyes! For years I had been plagued with very dull, fogged over headlights. One night I was in the parking lot at Publix when a woman approached me and told me about your product. She said her headlights were even worse than mine before she used it. I am so happy I did! I tell everyone I can now about your amazing product! It is the best $20 I have spent in a long time! And, I did it all myself! It was easy! Not hard at all! Your instructions are fool-proof! Thanks again and may God continue to bless your business! PS I even told my mechanic about it. He can help a lot of customers with it!

Michael B
DeLand, FL

I drive a 2000 honda s2000, is an amazing car but I had a little problem, my headlights looked horrible! so I decided to do something about it an I went to the local advance auto parts to look for something to restore them, and thats when I came across your amazing product! I have no words to describe it, in just 15 minutes my car look brand new again, I wish I knew about this product before but now that I do I will recomend it to everyone I know, thanks so much, keep up the great job and great products, there’s not that many out there but when you find one like yours you can’t help to be amazed by it!

Diego A
Clermont, FL

Just to let you know we were truly amazed at your product. We had very cloudy headlights and now they are crystal clear, and I might add at a fraction of what car repair shops wanted. They gave us a price of $65.00 to $110.00 per headlight!!! I will highly recommend your product. Thanks,

Janet B
Tampa, FL

I contacted you some time ago after restoring my Dodge Grand Caravan’s lights. I’m still very please with the results. I have lately been concerned with the same problem on my wife’s 1999 Ford Taurus wagon. The headlight lenses were yellowed and very fogged. Of course, I bought one of your kits and used it on the Taurus. I am very pleased to tell you that the results were even better than on the Caravan! Absolutely jaw dropping. And the increased intensity and focus of the lights on the road almost defy description. My wife and children will be much safer when out at night now…Again, kudos on the fabulous restoration system you’ve developed. I wonder how many lives it has and will save.

Harold G
Wellington, KS

Order one of our headlight restoration kits today and see the amazing results for yourself!

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