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Your Product Is looked so sexy I couldn't stop looking at it!


I own a 1999 Chevy Camaro, as you know the design of the headlights. I tried lot's of things... Read More


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Matt J. - Duncan, Oklahoma

Simply Amazing... Crystal View Is Truly The Best Product Ever!


I would Just Like to say THANK YOU!!!! My wife's 2000 Dodge Intrepid has Brand New....Read More


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Paul & Peggy Smyth - Orange City, FL

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Headlight Restoration Testimonials – Part 4

When people use one of our Headlight Restoration kits, they often write and tell us about how well the product worked and how easy it was to use. Check out some of the latest comments about headlight restoration…

i would just like to let you know that i tried your product on my fiance’s 2001 ford mustang…my only regret is that i didn’t take before & after pictures…the result was fantastic…i’ve been worried about her driving at night & now thanks to you & your fine product i don’t have to worry anymore…thank you for making such a wonderful product…it really works wonders…i would highly recommend your product to everyone..

Chuck E
Mill Creek, PA

I just today used your product to restore the headlights on both of our cars. and i have to say WOW!!!!! The difference is like night and day. It’s easy to use, with simple instructions and the results are fantastic. I was looking to spend over $400 to replace the lights on both of out cars because they were so fogged and yellowed. But a little over an hours time brought both of them back to like new clarity. Thank you for making such a great product

Mike D
Stanton, NE

I just wanted to tell you how much I like your product. Your instructions were easy to follow and the results were amazing! My headlights are now crystal clear. The dealer had told me that they would let my car pass inspection this year but I would need to replace the headlights before inspection next year. They said it would cost around $500 to replace them! The sales person at Advance Auto Parts recommended your product and saved me $500. Thanks again – I will recommend your product to everyone!

Vickie W
Manteo, NC

You saved me $730.00 compared to my mechanic’s recommendation that I replace my headlight assemblies. You also made Advance Auto Parts a customer for life. Thank you.

Matt T
Arvada, CO

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