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How to Repair Headlights Without The use of Tools

How to Repair Headlights Without The use of Tools

When purchasing a car, there is one important aspect you cannot afford to overlook. The car headlights are as important as any other part of the car. They are the lights that have a reflector and lens, which are mounted at the front of a vehicle. When most people purchase a vehicle it doesn’t hit you that you may have to repair your headlights someday. Well, you never know when it will happen so it doesn’t hurt to have some knowledge. This article aims at informing you on how to repair headlights without the use of tools.

The basic function of headlights is to enable drivers to see at night. They are also used to indicate to other drivers, your presence when the weather conditions get foggy, or where there is a curve in the road and the visibility is really low. It is important to have headlights that are functional, and in good condition so as to avoid collisions with other motorists on the road.

Some people may wonder how you can repair headlights without using tools. It is definitely possible, and it is not only quick but it is also easy. Headlight repair or restoration is a process of cleaning the lens of the headlight through use of a headlight cleaner kit. This will help you save money since you are doing it yourself. The advantage is that you do not need any special training or tools.

Depending on the condition of the headlights, the steps below will guide you on the reparation process. Some headlights however may be extensively damaged and may require replacement since they are beyond repair.

The easiest method to clean and repair the cloudy lens of your headlights is to buy a headlight restoration kit that has all the items you need.

The first step is to protect your car. You can do this by masking around the headlight using tape. Avoid using duct tape as it can ruin the paint on your car.

The second step is to clean the headlight lens using sandpaper. Ensure that the sandpaper is wet by dipping it in water, or you can spray the headlight with water from a misting bottle. Continue sanding with different sanding paper that varies with fineness – typically 1,000 grit to 2500 grit, all the while keeping the surface wet.

The third step is to remove oxidation. Apply polish evenly over the whole headlight. Clean using a side to side, or circular motion while avoiding contact with other surfaces, then buff using a towel. To remove any polish residue, clean the lens with water.

The last step is to apply a sealer which serves to protect the lens. The repair is now complete and your headlights will surely look as good as new, and they are now safe for use while you drive at night due to restored clarity. Try the above steps and see for yourself how to repair headlights without the use of tools. Save money while at the same time ensuring your own safety!